Advanced Practice

“I am a visual narrator using drawing to explore and document the world around me. Armed with these drawn snapshots I want to tell everyday stories, and explain healthcare and scientific subjects in an accessible way.

A self directed project

DENS is a local charity supporting people who are homeless, socially excluded or experiencing food poverty. Their website has the stories of some of their clients. The development of this image can be found here

Additionally I designed a cover page for stories from clients of the charity

Illustration for a magazine article

Here I redesigned an illustration for a magazine article. The development of this image is explained here

The visual dynamics of making soup

Illustrated instructions to make soup. The full explanation is here

Seven days, a mini graphic novel

An illustration of the the song Seven Days by Sting: Full development here

Body of work – Veterinary illustrations

I have been developing illustrations for a book about anaesthesia for veterinary nurses. Here are a couple of examples:

Electrical conduction in the heart
View for intubation

This is the link to the development of both of these images


Alternative promotional images for Oddbox. The development is here

Museum illustrations – the Wallace Collection

Personal project, drawing at The Wallace Collection with London Urbansketchers before Covid. Pen and ink on prepared paper. This illustration could be used to promote the armour in the collection in a way that is lighter than photos. The drawings are accurate but depict the collection in an alternative way which could make it more attractive to an audience who didn’t think that they were interested in armour – I didn’t think that I was interested until I visited and made the drawing.

My dedicated Advanced Practice sketchbook. There were many other sketchbooks, I have videoed a couple here