Visual Research

For my research project I chose to investigate whether an annotated illustration would be a better way for veterinary students to learn about pharmacology than a standard textbook.

I created an interactive Powerpoint where the viewer clicks on the question marks to reveal the relevant properties. A copy is enclosed in my assessment submission as I can’t embed it into this site. The main screen looks like this:

Clicking on a question mark takes the viewer to the relevant screen for that parameter. Below are thumbnails of the slides.

Screen shot video of program in action

Analog version

For those who feel that they have spent too much time in front of a screen and would like something more tactile I developed an envelope into which a card is inserted. This can show the attributes of a number of different drugs.

Video of the model being used

Developing the idea

One of many preparatory drawings. Testing the layout and collating the information I need to include.

Changed to a more dynamic position. Experimenting with colour and layout

Re-drawn in pastel for the vibrant colours.

Originally it was a static image with all the parameters on a single illustration.

On the way I tried a variety of different media and ideas. Here are a selection of them:

Experiments with a lino print image

and with mixed media

Using collaged lettering taken from the manufacturers data sheet

The first coloured prototype:

Further versions were made exploring different colour combinations and responding to testers feedback.

Preparations for the feline version

Supplementary images:

This is my main Research sketchbook. There are additional sketches and a notebook which I haven’t videoed as the work is on my learning blog here