The Issuu publication

Working my way through possible outlets I turned to Issuu thinking that it wouldn’t be too difficult to upload my Instagram story. It actually took more work than I had expected and revealed how different a book would be. 

Early attempts were a bit crowded:

It’s frustrating that I would need to pay £29/month to add my video, and that Issuu doesn’t recognise the font that I chose

Although it is difficult to read its perfect for a wool based story.

Below is a screen capture of a scroll through the ebook as you need to visit ISSUU to see the original:

And this is the original:

This is the finished ISSUU publication

Published by


Hello, I’m Cal (short for Caroline) I make illustrations to explain things, to tell stories and to share the beauty of the world around me. I’m a qualified veterinary nurse so a lot of my work is veterinary subjects, but I’m fascinated by how illustrations and stories can aid learning and understanding.  When I’m not working I draw to celebrate, to record, to relax and to understand what I see. 

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