I had hoped for more engagement with my Instagram release. I didn’t manage to reach a significant number of new people, almost all of the activity was current followers and I think that they were confused. Most of my posts are images of animals or Urbansketches and I think that I confused my followers by offering something different. 

That said, I did have a good amount of activity which I graphed:

I’ve made several attempts to take advantage of Instagram adverts but they get stuck at the review stage.

To increase my chances of feedback I posted the link to OCA Critiques and the Herts Visual Arts Forum Facebook group. Comments were lovely and encouraging but not particularly useful in moving the project on.

I love the simple drawing style in conjunction to the use of yarn” 

“I love this! Such a fun idea”

 Hi Cal, I found your work inspiring. I hadn’t though of using wool in illustrations before. A lot of illustrators are beginning their careers by posting a series of illustrations on Instagram now. This is a good way of getting your work out there and experimenting. I hope things work out for you. I think it’s a lovely idea.”

“I’ve had a look Carol. I thinks it’s a creative quirky idea and adds texture too. Best of luck with the project.”

Suggestions were limited:

There has to be something that you can do with a woolly mammoth”


The wool is tying up the plants

“A treasure hunt” (?)

I also had a reply from a Herts Visual Arts Member who was also exhibiting in the Vintry Gardens.

I like the idea of the story, the double meaning of yarn, the way you displayed it in Vintry gardens made people want to know more. It’s a shame you haven’t had more engagement on your IG posts. I was left feeling a bit unsatisfied by the lack of ending.”

I still don’t have an ending….

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Hello, I’m Cal (short for Caroline) I make illustrations to explain things, to tell stories and to share the beauty of the world around me. I’m a qualified veterinary nurse so a lot of my work is veterinary subjects, but I’m fascinated by how illustrations and stories can aid learning and understanding.  When I’m not working I draw to celebrate, to record, to relax and to understand what I see. 

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