Promotional material

I started with teaser posts on social media:

Each post was followed by the promotional flyer for the festival so that viewers could see when and where to go.

At the exhibition I handed out zines with my contact details on the back.

These served as business cards, but I hoped would be more attractive and encourage passers by to pick them up.

Preparation for the exhibition was a bit rushed so there wasn’t time to send out my own press releases, I relied on the festival organisers, but if there had been time this is what I would have sent:

Or more enigmatically:

(I would put event and contact details on the back of the tag)

The exhibition wasn’t as well signposted as the participants would have liked, we did get plenty of visitors but many passers by wouldn’t have known that we were there.

I would have attached a ball of wool and a luggage tag to surrounding street furniture ideally as a sort of treasure hunt that leads to the Vintry garden.

I would have added some more wool decoration to the garden entrance. (and a sign if it was a solo exhibition)

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Hello, I’m Cal (short for Caroline) I make illustrations to explain things, to tell stories and to share the beauty of the world around me. I’m a qualified veterinary nurse so a lot of my work is veterinary subjects, but I’m fascinated by how illustrations and stories can aid learning and understanding.  When I’m not working I draw to celebrate, to record, to relax and to understand what I see. 

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